For generations photography and art have been running trough Michel Vaerewijck’s family veins. In 2019 he decided to pour these skills and decades of experience into helping materializing your cinematographic vision. “Location Hunting is amazing”, says Vaerewijck, "Finding that special place that could become the next screen icon and turning dreams into reality is hugely rewarding. It’s really exhilarating to be part of the most astounding department of film production. Though low profile, the locations department is often the first and the last on set, executing the needs of multiple departments, while keeping owners of location happy. Every project is a new adventure: bring it on!”

Being part of The View, the Belgian location hunters collective, Michel Vaerewijck compounds a massive database with his colleagues, shortening research & scouting time while allowing swift solutions for the most demanding projects. Vaerewijck can also count on a network spanning Europe, giving you access to our varied old continent sceneries for your next project. Besides scenic locations, big toys are an other of Vaerewijck's many passions.  An Airbus 320 on a snowy airport, a hall full of Russian tanks, a yacht in a scenic harbour, a warbird formation in the sky or a racing team in a paddock? We love to fix them. Your locations are a phone-call away.